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About Us

Shanghai Servanimal Bio-Tech Inc., located at Zhangjiang High-Tech East Park in Shanghai, is a dedicated laboratory animal product distribution company. Our business mainly focuses on helping western companies to sell their products to the laboratory animal community in China. Customers include animal research labs at universities, hospitals, bio-technical companies and pharmaceutical firms in China. Animal feeds, beddings, enrichment and experiment devices are the major business.
We are the exclusive distributor of Bio-Serv, SDS, LBS, Intellibio, and Medipoint in China.
Our key employees include animal care experts with AAALAC experiences, import and export experts, animal nutrition experts……


Contact Us

Linkman:Miss Teresa Yang, Mr Wang
Mobile: 86-13834639258; 86-13601952459;
567 Xuanqiu Road, Room 2305, Pudong District, Shanghai 201114, China.

Laboratory Animal Diets

High Quality, Consistency, Reliability, Traceability, and Specialty.

Laboratory Beddings

We offer a wide variety of premium laboratory animal bedding categories which are processed from either virgin wood, or corn cob, or paper material. The beddings create a comfortable habitat with natural appearance that is compatible with all small animals.


A variety of enrichment will help to reduce boredom and destructive behavior in caged animals. All product meet the requirement of animal welfare and IACUC inspection.

Experimental devises

(1) Cannula; (2) Gavage devises, disposable and stainless steel. (3) Laboratory animal tattoo/marking devices.

Quality Control System:

We offer a well-documented quality assurance program for the storage and handling of all lab products. We try our best to become a ISO 9002 certified laboratory animal product dealer.