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Decapicones (大小鼠一次性保定袋)

Make injections and decapitation quicker and easier with Braintree Scientific's DecapiCones. Tapered plastic film tubes provide quick and easy restraint of rats, mice, and other small animals. I.P. injections can be made directly through the film! DecapiCones restrain post-decapitation kicking and prevent personal contact with feces or urine. A unique dispenser holds DecapiCones open and ready for use. Simply hold the DecapiCone in one hand and introduce the animal with the other. Animals enter readily, heading for the breathing hole at the small end. Roll and squeeze the large end closed. They may be used repeatedly for injections and simply discarded when soiled. For decapitation, hold at the rear and insert the small end into the decapitator.

Features and Benefits

• Avoid contamination

• Protection animals against hurt

• Easy to use & Disposable

• Recommended by top veterinarians

Suitable for : Mice, Rats