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Rabbit Ambulatory Infusion Systems

Reduce animal stress by allowing unrestrained and untethered freedom of movement at all times. New advancements in pump technology have made this system easier and less expensive for researchers to implement. The basic ambulatory infusion system includes: infusion pump, pocketed jacket, extension line, and in-dwelling catheter. We offer a number of high quality infusion pumps with a wide range of delivery options. All of the pumps are small enough to be carried by the animal and have a legacy of withstanding the rigors of on-animal applications. Above is a system we recommend for any continuous infusion study using large animals. For more information on selecting the right catheter and pump for your research contact us and we will assist you with assembling the right system for your specific research needs.



Tethered Rabbit Infusion Systems

Tethered infusion systems are well suited for studies that require large dosing volumes for extended periods of time or when repeated interaction with the pump is necessary. With large dosing volumes, syringe pumps may not be optimal since the largest standard syringe only holds 60ml. Volumetric pumps can handle a wide range of flow rates and can accommodate reservoirs of liters or larger. Reservoirs and delivery ‘tubing sets’ are more expensive but the versatility and convenience are well worth it. The tethered system requires an in-dwelling catheter, either a tunneled exteriorized catheter or access port, jacket, metal tether, swivel, extension lines, and an infusion pump.