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Self-Administration Systems in Rodents

Self-administration, a form of operant conditioning, often provides the reward as an intravenous dose of drug. Both the test agent and the addictive drug can be administered remotely through chronically implanted intravenous catheters using swivel and tether systems. Standard self-administration systems use threaded connections and friction fittings at the junctions in the fluid path. Self-administration systems which provide luer lock fittings (Quick Connect) reduce the potential for contamination and provide a secure, locking fit between the components of the fluid path, including harness or skin buttons, tethers, swivels and extension lines. SAI’s split-septum systems provide rapid needle-less connection and disconnection and eliminate the torque on the harness or skin button when connecting and disconnecting either threaded or luer-lock systems. Our self-administration components are designed for use with any standard operant self-administration system including but not limited to MED Associates or Panlab operant chambers.