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3D™ 程序化输液泵


The 3D™ Programmable Pump

Designed Specifically for Toxicology Infusion Studies

The SAI model 3D™ infusion pump is the first state-of-the-art syringe driver built specifically for large-scale GLP Toxicology studies. Multiple communication options, wireless and/or Ethernet, provide unparalleled versatility for the end user when coupled with the Axios™ infusion management software system. The SAI 3D™ provides the most versatile animal room power delivery configuration available. Power 1 – 48 pumps with one AC cord. The small footprint and multiple mounting position features are designed specifically for space-challenged animal rooms. The SAI 3D™ has all of the features present in modern medical-purpose pumps but will never be discontinued or altered due to irrelevant software changes required in human-use pumps.

- Designed by toxicologists who understand your unique study requirements.

- One pump works for nearly all species and protocols including bolus, continuous, and intermittent delivery.

- Easy set-up with flexible mounting options for space-challenged study rooms.

- Flexible power configurations reduce the number of outlets required in each room.

- System alerts keep you informed and keep your studies running smoothly.

- Add-on software to improve datamanagement and increase efficiency.