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该3D MiniBT™ & 3D MicroBT™ 泵体积小重量轻,微型电池供电,可以植入动物体内,通过远程监测和控制流速,可用于啮齿类、兔、狗、猪、灵长类等动物实验研究。

3D MiniBT™ & 3D MicroBT™ Infusion Pumps with Wireless Communication

The SAI 3D MiniBT™ and MicroBT™ Infusion Pumps are the first ambulatory pumps that can be controlled wirelessly from another room. The ultra-lightweight (141 grams) MiniBT™ and the MicroBT™ are research dedicated pumps, perfectly suited for ambulatory delivery in rodents, rabbits, dogs, pigs and primates. By combining the MiniBT™ or the MicroBT™ and the SAI 3D™ Syringe pump with the Axios™ Automated Infu¬sion Software researchers can manage all infusion for Safety Pharmacology and Toxicology with one universal system. The SAI 3D Mini™ & Micro™ are generally the same as the Crono PCA 50™ with added, unique features. They are small enough to place two pumps on one animal for automated internal heat infusion.

Unique Features:

• Bluetooth-Enabled

• Size: 84.5 x 55 x 42mm

• Weight with battery: 141 g

• Continuous or Bolus dosing

• Battery Life: 3-4 months

• Accuracy: +/- 2.0%

• Reservoir Volume: Up to 50 mls

• Flow Rate: 0.005-35 ml/hr – Depending on Model