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Butterfly Needles

These specialty needles (often called Winged Infusion Sets) offer a highly effective means of accessing a peripheral blood vessel for infusion or sampling in small and large animals. When compared to traditional straight needles, butterfly needles are often shorter, include wings on both sides of the needle for stability and have a tube attached to the end for easy connection to syringes or collection devices. The wings provide added grip and accuracy when handling the needle. These come in a wide variety of needle sizes and tubing lengths and can be customized. Often used to infuse in rodents via the tail vein, or in the cephalic or saphenous veins in larger animals they are biocompatible and resistant to organic vehicles. These catheters connect to standard syringes or any other luered fitting.


Part # Description
BLF-24 27G butterfly needle connected to 24 cm of polyurethane
BF-27-01 Mouse tail vein catheter 27G butterfly needle with 12 cm of polyurethane
BF-27-13 27G butterfly needle winged infusion set 5 cm long