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Rat Catheters

Our tapered catheters combine features to give you “the best of both worlds” performance. They are thick-walled and heavy-duty where they exit the animal and soft and compliant in the vessel. Our catheters are available with rounded tips to decrease intravascular trauma. Rounded tips have been shown to increase patency, reduce histologic findings and offer less resistance while being inserted into the vessel.

大鼠颈静脉插管(Rat Jugular Vein Catheters)

Part # RJV-01 RJV-02 RJV-04 RJVR-10
Animal Size 150+g 150+g All 150+g
Intravascular Tip Length 3.5 cm 1.5 cm 2.8 cm 3.5 cm
Intravascular Tip O.D. 2.7 F 3 F 2.7 F 3 F
Total Length 10 CM 18 CM 7 CM 30 CM
Connects to Needle 22 ga 22 ga 22 ga 22 ga
Material Silicone Tapered Polyurethane Polyurethane Rounded Tip Polyurethane
Suture Beads 2 2 2 2

大鼠股静脉插管(Rat Femoral Vein Catheters)

Biocompatible polyurethane construction to minimize vessel trauma and increase patency.

Part # RFV-01 RFV-06 RFV-08 RFV-10
Animal Size 150+g 150+g 150+g 150+g
Intravascular Tip Length 4 cm 4 cm 4 cm 4 cm
Intravascular Tip O.D. 3 F 3 F 3 F 2.5 F
Total Length 69 CM 76 CM 30 CM 30 CM
Connects to Needle 22 ga 23 ga 23 ga 25 ga
Material Tapered Polyurethane Polyurethane Polyurethane Polyurethane
Suture Beads 3 2 3 3

大鼠动脉插管(Rat Arterial Catheters)

Part # RFA-01 RFA-02 RFA-04 RCA-06 RCA-09
Animal Size 150+g 150+g 125+g 150+g 150+g
Intravascular Tip Length 4 cm 4 cm 4 cm 4 cm 6 cm
Intravascular Tip O.D. 2.3 F 3.7 F 2 F 3 F 3 F
Total Length 79 CM 79 CM 46 CM 14 CM 9 CM
Connects to Needle 22 ga 22 ga 22 ga 22 ga 22 ga
Material Tapered Polyurethane Polyurethane Rounded Tip Polyurethane Polyurethane Tri-Layer

大鼠消化道插管(Rat Gastric Catheter with Dacron Patch)

Our gastric catheter for intra-gastric administration has a Dacron patch and suture bead for secure anchoring at the site of implantation.

Part # RGC-01
Animal Size 150+g
Intravascular Tip Length 12 mm
Intravascular Tip O.D. 3 F
Total Length 20 cm
Connects to Needle 22 ga
Material Polyurethane
Suture Beads 4 Dacron

大鼠鞘内导管(Rat Intrathecal Catheters)


Our Intrathecal Catheters are designed for implantation from the cisterna magna to the lumbar region. A reinforced tubing junction minimizes kinking at the exit point from the intrathecal space. A PTFE-coated stylet slides smoothly out of the catheter once in place. All catheters are ETO exposed.

Catheters for Intrathecal delivery or sampling in rodents. SAI offers a range of catheters and cannula for the collection of CSF or the administration of compounds to the intrathecal space in mice and rats. Our brand new Cisterna Magna cannula is made with non-reactive PEEK (instead of stainless steel) and utilizes a unique non-coring tip to guard against unnecessary trauma. Sample volumes of 50ul are easily collected and are repeatable for periods up to 12 weeks. For studies that require access to the CNS, look to SAI for the solution.

Part # Animal Size Tip Length Tip O.D. Total Length Needle
RIT-02 125+g 10 cm 1 F 13 cm 25 ga
RIT-03 125+g 10 cm 3/4 F 13 cm 25 ga
RCMC-01 125+g 10 cm 1 F 13 cm 22 ga
RCMC-7.2 125+g 10 cm 7.2 mm 13 cm 22 ga
RIT-04 125+g 10 cm 22 G 12 cm 22 ga

大鼠淋巴收集管(LYMT - Lymph Collection Catheters)


Lymph collection has long been considered a very difficult model for laboratory research. SAI has developed a new collection catheter for lymph that utilizes a unique catheter design. Lymph has the same clotting tendencies as blood. Coupled with its ultra-low production rate, catheter occlusion becomes a major limiting factor. SAI’s new innovation allows a micro infusion of a low concentration heparin solution to accompany the lymph collection, great reducing or eliminating this limitation.

Lymph Collection Tip: To prevent occlusionand optimize lymph collection, infuse a slow concentration heparin solution at a very low rate and keep your catheters open. Contact our Research Scientists on staff for details.

Part # Description
RLDC-TX25 Rodent lymph collection catheter with 3F tip and PE outlet tube 60cm long

大鼠胆管插管(Rat Bile Catheters)

Part # Animal Size Description
RBD-01 150+g Rat Double Tapered Bile Catheter: TecoFlex® Polyurethane; 2 tapered catheters connected together, OD tapered from 0.055 in. to 0.030 in. with constant ID of 0.025in., length 35cm
RBD-04 150-250g Rat Bile Collection or Portal Vein Catheter: TecoFlex® Polyurethane; OD tapered from 0.055 in. to 0.035 in. ID tapered from 0.025 in. to 0.015 in., beads at 0.5 in., 7.62 cm. and 15.24 cm. from the tip, length 68.58 cm.

大鼠气管插管(Rat Intra-Tracheal Catheters)


These tracheal catheters may be used for ventilation, sampling, or administration and come with a flexible cannula and y-adaptor for minimum dead space. Three standard sizes are available for use in mice, rats, and other small rodents and the catheters will readily connect to anesthesia systems. Our tracheal tubes may be trimmed to the appropriate size if necessary.

Part # Animal Size Gauge
TRA-04 150+g 16
TRA-05 150+g 20
TRA-06 150+g 14