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Agrospan, exceptional qualitative wood shavings: rough, dry and dust-free. The wood shavings are of exceptionally high quality and cleanness. With care selected pale, poor of resin woods treated according to a special production process. Neither any wood waste (brown dots) and / or sawdust is added to Agrospan to give it more volume, nor any water is added that could influence the weight. To the contrary, the extra time to dry and an adapted purification guarantee the removal of any wood waste or sawdust (37%).


(1) bag dimension : approx. 80 x 40 x 40 cm

(2) weight: approx. 25 litres

(3) volume : approx. 550 litres

(4) usage per month : 1 x per month 4 bales + 4 to fill up

(5) materials : pale, untreated whitewood

(6) absorptive power : very high thanks to the dry materials


(1) hygienic and pure, recommended by vets

(2) almost dust-free

(3) free of insecticides and chemicals

(4) economic usage

(5) compact form, therefore no large storage space needed

(6) onstant high quality controls


bags of 550 litres (25 kg)

packed up on euro pallets of 15 bags