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Gold Mix


Blend of cream coloured shavings and chips manufactured from European softwood (mountain spruce from sustainable forests). Both shavings and chips are kiln-dried and carefully sifted to attain the specified sieve analysis on two separate production lines. The Gold Mix bedding consists of 20% shavings and 80% chips. Gold Mix has been specially designed for young rodents.


(1) high absorbency: 1L of Gold Mix can absorb up to 0.7 L.

(2) efficient and natural absorption of odours.

(3) low dust content

(4) creative nesting material

(5) early weaning

(6) reduced cannibalism

(7) no chemical treatment in any way

(8) ash at 800° C : 1.2 %

(9) loose bulk density: 160 to 170 g/l

(10) moisture content : 10 to 15 % maximum

(11) pH: 5.6


(1) chips : 1,2 mm - 1,6 mm

(2) shavings: 4 mm - 16 mm

Certificate of analysis provided quarterly for following elements


heavy metals

alfatoxins B1, B2, G1, G2

pesticides residues

Other services provided upon request

irradiated bag at 10 kGy supplied in a sealed PE envelope

delivery on plastic pallets


autoclavable woven white polypropylene sacks.

volume: 70L weight: 9 kg approx

batch coded sacks

shrink wrapped pallet - 39 sacks - overall pallet dimensions : 180 x 120.