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Alpha Chip

Contact Bedding Processed from Virgin White Pine Chips

(1) Heat-treated to reduce bacteria and enhance absorbency

(2) Proven track record of superior performance

(3) Free-flowing chips are compatible with most bedding dispensers

(4) Aspirated to remove dust

(5) Regular changing prevents the development of ammonia

(6) Creates a comfortable habitat with a natural appearance

(7) Ideal bedding for Ventilated Rack Systems

Raw Material——Virgin, Debarked Northern White Pine Softwood

Standard Particle Size

(1) Less than 15% retained on a #8 ASTM Sieve

(2) Less than 6% passes a #25 ASTM Sieve

Moisture Content——9 ± 3%

Package Size—— 2.5 Cubic Feet

Package Type

Heat-sealed, two-ply autoclavable paper bag

All bags are production date coded for inventory control

Laboratory Analysis

Performed annually; results are available upon request

Consistently meets or exceeds industry standard contaminant specifications for contact bedding