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Aspen Shavings

Contact Bedding Processed from Virgin Aspen Hardwood

(1) Compatible with all small animals,including transgenic breeds

(2) Heat-treated to reduce bacteria and enhance absorbency

(3) Proven track record of superior performance

(4) Shredded variety is particularly suited for nesting and animal enrichment

(5) Aspirated to remove dust

(6) Regular changing prevents the development of ammonia

(7) Creates a comfortable habitat with a natural appearance

(8) Proven performance for micro-isolator cage systems

Raw Material——Virgin, Aspen Hardwood

Standard Particle Size

(1) Less than 5% retained on a one inch x one inch screen

(2) Less than 3% passes a #20 ASTM Sieve

Moisture Content——9 ± 3%

Package Size—— 8.0 Cubic Feet loose, compressed to 2.6 cubic feet

Package Type

Two-ply autoclavable paper bag

All bags are production date coded for inventory control

Laboratory Analysis

Performed annually; results are available upon request

Consistently meets or exceeds industry standard contaminant specifications for contact bedding