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Shepherd’s cob

Features and Benefits

• Assured variable control : Defined composition assures accurate control of variables, which makes Shepherd’s Cob ideal for GLP research.

• Superior Sanitation : Shepherd's™ Cob is dried in our driers to a lower moisture content than any other cob bedding material on the market. Our target moisture content during manufacturing is 5% by weight while other manufacturers dry their product to 8 to 10%. Lower moisture content means our processing more effectively kills bacteria, yeast, mold and coliforms. Please contact us for our most recent laboratory analysis.

• Excellent Absorbency : Lower moisture content means Shepherd's™ Cob will absorb more liquid by volume than other bedding materials

• Exceptional Ammonia Control : Corn cob bedding has been shown in several studies to control ammonia in micro-isolation caging better than wood and some recycled paper bedding materials

• Consistent Material : Shepherd's™ Cob is made from 100% natural corn cob with all foreign matter removed. It is biodegradable and easily incinerated.

• Available in Several Forms : Shepherd's™ Cob is available in our standard 1/4" and 1/8" grades in 40 pound autoclavable bags as well as bulk sacks. We also offer both grades irradiated in 40 pound bags and bulk sacks.