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ALPHA-dri/Cob Blend TM

Combining the Best of Both Premium Laboratory Animal Bedding Materials

Features and Benefits

• Superior Ammonia Control : It has been scientifically documented that the ammonia produced in micro-isolation cages containing our Specialty Blend was the lowest of all tested bedding materials - even lower than either ALPHA-dri® or corn cob alone.

• Extended Cage Changes : Not only is our Specialty Blend exceptionally absorbent, the dissimilar materials allows the bedding to effectively stay drier, a requirement to reduce ammonia. The end result of lower ammonia levels mean that cage changes can be extended even for micro-isolation caging creating a tremendous material and labor cost savings.

• Economical : While most facilities appreciate all of the performance attributes of ALPHA-dri®, some choose to expend less resources on bedding material. Since our Specialty Blend is comprised of 50% ALPHA-dri®, facilities are able to realize some of its benefits at a lower cost.

• Environmental Enrichment : Combining two dissimilar materials provides rodents with a point of focus. Mice have been observed separating the particles into different areas within the cage which enhances species specific behaviors. AAALAC recognizes this type bedding material as a form of enrichment.

• Clean and Consistent : ALPHA-dri® is the cleanest most consistent bedding material available today. Combing it with effectively heat-treated and sanitized Shepherd's™ Cob means our Specialty Blend is exceptionally clean and consistent making a cage 50% cleaner than cob alone.

• Low in Dust : We combine 1/4" screened and aspirated cob with virtually dust free ALPHA-dri® to create a bedding material exceptionaly low in overall dust content.

• Continuous Quality Monitoring : Our Specialty Blend is subject to the same rigorous quality monitoring as our other bedding, cage liners and enrichment items.

• Uniform particle size : The relatively large and uniform particle size means consistent bedding performance and a reduction in leaky water valves.