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Cellu-Dri TM

Features and Benefits

(1) Assured control: Cellu-Dri's composition of recycled cellulose fiber provides accurate and consistent controls.

(2) Economical. Since Cellu-Dri is much more absorbent than other natural products such as wood chips and shavings, corncobs, etc., it is very economical. What's more, Cellu-Dri's competitive pricing makes it an even greater value when compared to other products.

(3) oft Texture. The soft texture enhances enrichment and encourages nest building.

(4) Dust elimination. Cellu-Dri helps eliminate dust problems and reduces filter clogging and dust cling on animals.

(5) Incinerable. Completely incinerable, Cellu-Dri ashes to less than 20%. It is also biodegradable.

(6) Packaging. Cellu-Dri is packaged in high-strength autoclavable bags.