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For large animal

Features and Benefits

(1) Labor savings - Since Enviro-dri absorbs from the bottom up, the top layer stays dry longer. Soiled areas can be changed individually without having to change the entire pen or cage. Enviro-dri extends bedding changes from every two to three days to a week or more.

(2) Dust elimination - Enviro-dri® is made of cleanly cut 1/8-inch strips of paper fibers, which means dust is virtually eliminated. Respiratory ailments and other problems resulting from airborne particles are drastically reduced.

(3) Maximum animal comfort - The paper strands form a soft, springy, comfortable mat. The bedding in contact with the animal stays dry, as well, for added comfort. Plus, unlike wood-based beddings, Enviro-dri® won't stick to the animals.

(4) Environmental enrichment - With non-human primates, food may be placed in the bedding to facilitate foraging. And because the animals are more active foraging for food, hoarding and aggressive behavior are drastically reduced.

(5) Consistent quality - Unlike harvested beddings such as wood and straw, Enviro-dri® is a controlled, manufactured product made up of 50% recycled paper and 50% virgin kraft paper fibers to ensure consistent, high quality. Supporting assays are available on request.

(6) Improved air handling - Elimination of airborne dust means fewer particles to filter and control, resulting in fewer filter changes.

(7) Easy disposal - Because Enviro-dri® is a paper product, it can be incinerated for easy, economical disposal.